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-Logging to begin at Mack between General Strickler Road and Forge Hill road.

If in doubt a good rule of thumb is if you are leaving heavy tracks please turn back. 

Governor Dick

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updated 2014-08-27

 Swatara State Park


Trails are in good condition.

updated 2014-09-16

Camp Mack

updated 2014-07-06


CAMP RULES click here for info

Please check the map on the Camp Mack Section for open/closed trails.


Orange= Hunting

Yellow=Scout Activities 

If in doubt a good rule of thumb is if you are leaving heavy tracks please turn back. 


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Camp Mack News
Camp Mack Permits Print E-mail

October 19, 2013


SAMBA is pleased to announce that after a year of discussions and meetings with the Boy Scouts of America, the PA Dutch council will be discontinuing the Camp Mack biking permits for 2014. The permit system will be replaced with a yet to be defined procedure for all non-scout users to acknowledge the rules restrictions.


Matt Myers


SAMBA Tail Coordinator

J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation

Camp Mack Tree Removal Print E-mail

CAMP MACK is working to remove dead trees from the park in are between General Strickler Road and Forge Hill road. This will impact portions of North Valley and Lost Valley and may require reestablishment of these trails. We will keep you posted of any trail work as needed.

Camp Mack closed this weekend 4/6-4/7. Print E-mail
Camp Mack is closed to biking this weekend due to a 3D Archery Shoot.
The scouts have implemented new guidelines for the use of the camp for non-scout activities such as hiking, biking and trail running. Please reference the attached map and closure date files.
  • Effective immediately, with the exception of Sundays, the camp will be closed to all activities during hunting season.
  • During scout activities the camp will be restricted to the normal summer areas outlined on the map.
  • Night riding is still being evaluated and if the current 1 hour past sundown changes, additional information will be sent out.
  • New gates are/have been installed to limit vehicle travel to the internal areas of the camp.
  • Posting of the map and closure dates will be posted at all entries to the camp.
I would recommend printing these out and keeping a copy for easy reference Please forward this to anyone that uses the camp.  Matt MyersSAMBA- Trail Coordinator J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation July 26, 2012 Print E-mail
I was contacted by Gary Guare (Scout Ranger) about issues with Mountain bikers riding through the camp areas. Please stay out of the main camp areas. The main camp areas would be defined as the areas around the pool and pavilion, or any road that has tent platforms on it. Safe areas are south of Sharp Valley, the only trails north of Sharp that we are allowed to be on is North Valley and Lost Valley accessed from North Valley. If Scouts continue to to have issues with bikers riding through groups of scouts or bikers not stopping when asked by scouts, this is the message I was asked to convey to everyone “Please get the word out to your riders that have permits or this could end for all mountain biking of any type to the outside public”.
If you are riding and see scouts, turn around and go the other way.
I have attached a map showing the approved trails to ride during the summer camping season (July-August). Please review and pass on to anyone that may not be on my e-mail list.
Matt Myers
SAMBA Trail coordinator J. Edward Mack Scout Reservation
 Camp Mack Camp Map v11 300dp 7-24-12.pdf[Camp Mack Summer riding]368 Kb
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